12 Trends In Baby Products

6 Nov

Every momma wants something special for their child, whether it be following tradition or going in a new direction. No matter what you plan for your child, its always interesting to follow the trends and see what is in and what is out these days. Here is the list from thebump.com (and they got it from ABC Kids):

1) Bird motifs (owls, songbirds, peacocks, etc)

2) Berry and teal (instead of the classic pastel pink and blue)

3) Bottles shaped like mom (more curved rather than classic straight up and down, ex: Mimijumi bottle)

4) Convertible strollers (bassinet, carseat attatchments, folding down seats, etc)

5) Smart solutions for common problems (a bottle that has a pre-fixed amount of formula and when needed ready to be mixed with water)

6) Neon (bright strollers, diaper bags, blankets…)

7) Muted pastel colors with modern prints (the typical pink and blue but with new and interesting patterns)

8) Colorful bottles (more color choices other than clear)

9) Retro

10) Gray (officially replaced brown as the typical nursery staple)

11) Chew in style (chewable, teething necklaces in bright colors)\

12) Whimsey without cheesiness

To see the whole post and the pictures follow this link: 12 Trends In Baby Products


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